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who are we ?

Egyptian Ghoson is one of the Foundations working in the Egyptian market specialized in waste recycling and accessories

Egyptian Ghoson operates in the Egyptian market since 2003.

Egyptian Ghoson sorting and recycles various materials including glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and textiles, in addition to the waste of food factories.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise the economic value of this industry within the Arab Republic of Egypt. We are constantly developing integrated planning to create environmentally friendly products at a lower cost than comparable products available in the Egyptian market.

Another goal that the Foundation seeks to raise awareness of is to work on the transfer of waste away from landfills, through reuse after treatment in scientifically proven ways to achieve maximum safety after use.

Vision of the Foundation

The Foundation has a broad vision for all environmental aspects, and ensures that the option adopted will achieve comprehensive environmental benefits compared to other options.

The foundation is entitled to the fact that the waste is not considered waste unless it is disposed of, and we process the waste to convert it into a new type of new product to reduce the consumption of new raw materials and reduce the energy needed to treat the waste. To eliminate waste by traditional methods.

Another fact is that the Foundation is not going to be effective unless the production of materials or products is available for sale in the market.

The recycling system is considered to be an environmentally efficient system according to the results achieved by many countries that have given this industry due attention. It is also an important economic saving system. The products manufactured from recycled materials provide about half the price compared to products manufactured from new raw materials. Recycling processes reduce purchasing costs at the individual level, reduce the import rate at the state level, and reduce energy consumption.